Solid Reasons To Invest In New Nissan Tires For Your Fleet Trucks

As a fleet manager, you must ensure every truck in your fleet is ready to drive and is capable of performing safely and reliably on the road. Part of ensuring their usefulness and safety involves investing in the right parts with which to maintain or repair them.

You should especially take care of the tires and rims on which they run. You may find it particularly helpful to invest in new parts, such as Nissan tires, to use on the trucks in your fleet.

Longer Use

When you opt for brand new tires for your fleet trucks, you may get longer use out of them than if you were to buy pre-owned or used truck tires. Used truck tires may be several months, if not years, old. They also may have been used for tens or hundreds of thousands of miles and lack the tread and thickness needed for your truck's safety.

However, when you use new tires on your trucks, you may anticipate getting several months or years worth of use out of them. You avoid the worry of one of the tires blowing while the driver is behind the wheel because the tire was too thin or lacked enough tread on it.

Visual Appeal

Further, the trucks in your fleet represent the overall image of the company that employs you. You want to present the best image to the public and prioritize keeping your trucks in the most visually appealing condition possible.

When you use new tires on them, you can help keep your fleet trucks presentable and professional looking. You avoid sending out trucks with patched and dirty tires and instead dispatch trucks that have high-quality and new tires on them.


Finally, as a fleet manager, you want to keep your fleet's expenses to a minimum. You especially may need to avoid spending money on tire repairs. 

When you invest in new tires for your trucks, you may get warranties on them. You can use the warranties if any of the truck tires have manufacturing defects and need to be repaired. You can also use the warranties to exchange out tires for new ones if the first set of tires blew out or ran out of tread before the end of their warranty periods.

Certain truck parts can be vital to the function and safety of your fleet. You can choose new tires to keep your trucks running safely, spare your operational budget, and keep your trucks looking their best.