Why Dealerships Are The Best Option For Used Cars

Having the ability to purchase a used car from a dealership is great because it gives you so many benefits that you can't get when you purchase from a private party. Continue reading for a comparison of buying a used car from a dealership versus buying from a private third party.

The selection of cars

Dealership selection—When you go to a dealership for a used car, you can look at a lot of different makes and models. You can see used cars from different years that range in price greatly. You will be able to see them easily and in the same location. 

Private third party selection—When you are going to buy a used car from a private third party, you will likely only be shown one car. In some rare cases, they may have a couple of cars available. However, they won't have nearly the selection you can see at a dealership. This means that in order to look at a number of cars to see which one really works the best for you, you will have to do quite a bit of driving from one location to another. 

The payment 

Dealer payments—When you get a used car from a dealership, you can likely get a newer model because you will have the opportunity to go with a payment plan. The dealership can break down the payment into a monthly amount you can afford. 

Private third party payments—Private third parties generally expect you to show up with the money up front. When you have to pay for a car all at once, it can seriously limit your options when it comes to the year and condition of the car you are able to afford. 

Payment options

Dealership payment options—Another great thing about buying a used car from a dealership is that you generally have many convenient ways that you can use when it comes to paying each month. You may be able to make your payment through the mail, over the phone, online, or with a convenient payment app, in some cases. 

Private third-party payment options—When you buy from a private third party, they often like you to show up with cash. Many people don't feel good about driving around with thousands of dollars in cash with them. This can be something that also puts you at an increased risk of being victimized.

Contact an auto dealer or private third-party near you for more information on buying used cars