RV Appliances Not Working Correctly? It Could Be Electrical Problems

If one or more appliances in your RV are not working properly then this may be caused by an electrical issue. It is important that you determine what is causing this as electrical problems can be dangerous. To help you below are two of these problems that may be at fault. You then need to take your RV to an RV repair service to have this problem fixed.

Problems with Breakers and Fuses

If you have a newer RV then it likely has breakers, but older RVs generally have fuses instead of breakers. Both breakers and fuses inside your RV are very important as they protect you if one or more of your appliances are having issues. This is because the breaker or fuse will turn off to make sure the appliance turns off before it causes more problems. In most cases this is due to the appliance drawing to much electricity. This could be due to an appliance having issues or if you purchase one or more appliances. 

If you have newer appliances, they will have sensors on them that will make a fuse, or a breaker go off if there is a problem with the appliances. This is a safety mechanism to protect you from an electrical fire. An RV repair service can check each of these to determine if it is the appliance or the breaker or fuse that is causing this problem. 

Check Circuit Breaker Amps

Each circuit breaker has a certain amount of amps to control what is connected to the breaker. For example, the refrigerator in your kitchen will have a circuit breaker and the stove will have a separate circuit breaker. If one appliance is turning off or you lose power off and on, then the amp problem is likely what is causing problems with your appliances. 

First, check the breaker to see if it has turned off. If so, flip it back on to see if the appliance starts working again. If the appliance does start working, then your problem may be fixed. If the appliance still continues to have problems, then the breaker itself may be bad. The breaker may also not have enough amps to power the appliance. This generally happens if you purchase a new refrigerator, stove, etc., as newer RV appliances need more power to run correctly.

The RV repair company can go over this information with you in much more detail.