Buying A Car With A Low Environmental Footprint

Cars pollute the environment in more ways than one. The pollution is largely unavoidable, but there are things you can do to minimize it. If you are shopping for a car, you should look out for the features that minimize environmental pollution. Below are some of these features.


Cars pollute the environment when their parts or materials end up in the landfill. Tires, metal, plastic, and even leather and fabrics all pollute the environment when their end of life comes around. Reliable cars last a long time on the road before requiring replacement. This helps keep their parts out of the landfills for as long as possible. Therefore, research your cars and settle on a reliable make and model if you care for the environment.

Low Fuel Consumption

Internal combustion engines (ICE) foul up the environment with their byproducts of combustion. A typical ICE car produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons, among other chemicals. These chemicals have different adverse effects on the environment and human life. For example, hydrocarbons react with other compounds to produce oxidants that damage the ozone layer. The more fuel a car uses for each mile traveled, the higher the pollutants the car produces. Thus, a car with good fuel mileage is good for the environment.

Clean Source of Energy

Most cars run on petroleum fuels such as gasoline, liquefied petroleum, diesel, and compressed natural gas. Other cars use alternative sources of energy such as ethanol, bio-diesel, and electricity (generated from different sources including solar).

Different energy sources have different effects on the environment. This is the case because of the manner in which the sources of energy are extracted or harnessed. It is also the case because different types of energy produce different emissions. Driving a car that runs on a relatively clean source of energy is also another way of taking care of the environment.

Low Emissions

All ICE cars have emissions, but some cars have higher and more polluting emissions than others. The low-emission cars have been designed and manufactured with highly-efficient engines and exhaust systems that produce low emissions and scrub dangerous gases from the exhaust, respectively. Therefore, you can also do your bit in environmental conservation by researching and buying low-emission cars.

Hopefully, you will get a good car that satisfies your driving needs and is also good for the environment. Ensure you get your new car for sale from a reliable dealership to increase your chances of getting a good deal.