The Benefits Of Owning And Driving A Small Family Sedan

These days, families are opting to drive minivans and crossovers, but the trouble with these vehicle models is that they are massive gas guzzlers. Furthermore, if you do not have four-plus children or drive a sports team around, they just do not make a lot of sense to own. What you should be owning and driving is a small family sedan, like an Audi A3 sedan for sale at your nearest car lot. Here are all the benefits of driving a small family sedan versus a much larger family vehicle. 

Extremely Fuel Efficient

Small family sedans typically have four-cylinder engines. This means that they require far less fuel to operate, and they can go farther on a single tank of gas. Compare that to an eight-cylinder minivan that will need refueling at least twice a week to go the same distances you usually drive. 

Still Enough Room for Two Adults and Three Kids

Whether you have one, two, or three kids, there is still enough room in a family sedan for them and you and your significant other. You might even be surprised at just how much room is built into these small family cars. The seats are very comfortable, and there is more than enough legroom for most adults of average height. If you are worried about storage for groceries and diaper bags, there is plenty of room in the trunk and on the floor of the backseat for those things too. 


A minivan costs almost as much as or as much as a luxury car! Why pay that much for something that is going to cost you even more to own and operate every week when a smaller vehicle will cost you less to buy and less to operate? If you want to crunch numbers, ask a dealership to show you the costs of a minivan model and a small family sedan model and what it costs for gas and average repairs in a year. For more information, check out the consumer reports online regarding these vehicles to get an even better idea of which is more financially sound as a choice for your family. 

Ease of Parking

Let's face it; when you are circling the block trying to get the kids to school or to the pediatrician's and the only parking spots you can find will only fit a compact or subcompact car, a minivan is not going to work. If you have a smaller vehicle, you can park just about anywhere, including those spots on the parking ramp stamped "for compact cars only." Driving a smaller car makes it much easier to see around the back of the vehicle, and therefore easier to park, too.