Buying Used Cars: Tips To Help You Save Money

If you are in the market for a new car, one way you could save yourself some money is to buy a new car that is actually used. Whether you go searching for used Hyundai cars or another favorite brand, here's how sticking with the used car market can benefit you and how you may be able to save some additional money before you drive it off the lot.

Pre-Certified is as Close as You Can Get to "New" But for Thousands Less

Many auto dealers today offer pre-certified programs for their used vehicles. What this means is that the vehicle is put through a checklist where they make sure that multiple different parts throughout the vehicle are "like new" or otherwise outstanding in quality. In a best case scenario, you might not even be able to notice a difference between a pre-certified, used vehicle and one that is truly new. But because the vehicle was indeed owned by someone else, this will bring the sticker price down dramatically, saving you money.

There Are Always Deals Out There But Winter is a Good Time to Go Car Shopping

Auto dealers today have one sale or another almost every weekend. But if you are looking for extra incentives or the best possible deal, you might want to head to your local dealer between December and February. This is because while there are technically deals during the summer or spring, most dealers know that people are going to come to the lot anyway during this time of year. Because winter can often keep people indoors, it's sometimes possible to secure extra incentives or get your lower offer for a used car accepted.

Do Your Research in Advance

One final tip is to have an idea of what you want and the value of it before you drive off the lot. Take a look at multiple used cars in the model you're searching for to get a feel for how much the average dealer charges. You can then use this information to your advantage when making a counteroffer at the dealer. A little advance research online may also help you find just the right dealer that has a used vehicle with the extra perks or bells and whistles that you really want.

Buying a used car for your next vehicle is a great way to save money while still getting a quality car. Contact a local dealer today for more information.